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The math curriculum is coordinated with the science curriculum to teach the necessary math skills required for Physics and Chemistry.

十大彩票平台's math program prepares students for success in college math classes by providing them with a strong foundation in mathematics, developing and refining students' critical thinking skills through reasoning, problem-solving, and oral and written communication of mathematical concepts.

All students use graphing calculators (T1-84 Plus), and instruction is supplemented by the use of interactive white boards in all classes. Student laptops provide individual access to a variety of software that supports instruction. Electronic notebooks allow teachers to view and comment upon student notes and written assignments.

Departmental requirements: 3 years and a fourth year in either math or science. Students may also choose to take two math electives senior year.

Course of Study by Year:

Freshman: Algebra 1 or *Geometry
Sophomore: Geometry or *Intermediate Algebra
Junior: *Intermediate Algebra or *Pre-Calculus

*Honors sections available

Mathematics Department Chair: Courtney Heaps

Course Descriptions

Includes electives, though not all elective courses are offered each year or trimester. Students may also enroll in additional math electives and AP's offered through 十大彩票平台's membership in the Online School for Girls.