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Alumnae Events

十大彩票平台 Day 2023 - Boston

Kirsta Sendziak '99, Jess Donnelly Reed '98, Catherine Sanderson '12, and Meryl Brott '87 celebrating 十大彩票平台 Day 2023 in Boston on May 5th!

alums Boston 2023


十大彩票平台 Day 2023 - D.C.

十大彩票平台 Day 2023 gathering in the DC area May 4th!

Alums 十大彩票平台 DAY 2023


十大彩票平台 Day 2023 - NYC

十大彩票平台 Day 2023 gathering in NYC on May 3rd!

Alums 十大彩票平台 DAY 2023


十大彩票平台 Day 2023 - Buffalo

十大彩票平台 Day 2023 in Buffalo! A group of alumnae gathered at Resurgence Brewing Co. on May 2nd!

Alums 十大彩票平台 DAY 2023


十大彩票平台 Day 2023 - Southern CA

十大彩票平台 Day 2023 kicked off in Southern California on April 30th with Kelsey Shea '10, Anna Van Valin '00, Lauren Brock '91, Nangee Warner Morrison '59, and Tory Dann '09 sharing 十大彩票平台 memories together.

Alums 十大彩票平台 DAY 2023


March 2023

In March 2023, four 十大彩票平台 friends from the Class of 1961 gathered in Washington DC to celebrate birthdays.
Left to right: Ruth Greenberger, Bobbi French Pace, Corny Roberts Dietz, and Pat Waterman.

CLass of 1961


March 17, 2023

Helen Marlette and Leah Kimmet escaped the cold of WNY and headed to sunny Sarasota, Florida on March 17th for a 十大彩票平台 gathering. We were thrilled to have alumnae, parents of alumnae, and former faculty in attendance!
Alums Sarasota 2023

February 23, 2023

On February 23, 2023, Head of School Helen Marlette and Director of Development Leah Kimmet traveled to Philadelphia and met up with Philly alumnae at a local restaurant.

Alums Philadelphia 2023


October 24, 2022

Head of School, Helen Marlette, and Director of Development, Leah Kimmet, traveled to New York City on October 24, 2022 and Washington DC on November 8, 2022 to meet up with alumnae in each city. Much fun was had at Tito's Cantina in NYC and a huge thank you to Kara Kerwin '98 for hosting a wonderful gathering in her DC area home!

Alums NYC 2022
Alums NYC 2022
Alums DC 2022


October 7, 2022

Alums Maryland 2022





Kara Hornung Kerwin '98 hosted a 十大彩票平台 Alumnae outing to Glenstone, a contemporary art museum in Potomac, Maryland, on October 7, 2022.


"十大彩票平台 in Serra"
Darcy Hirsh '98, Kara Hornung Kerwin '98, Jennifer Roberts '92, Kim Hornung '95, and Tara Matthews Cuevas '05 are pictured inside a Richard Serra sculpture.